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Accessibility Lab

Exam Proctoring:

The University Accessibility Center provides an exam proctoring space in the University Accessibility Lab, located in the Wilkinson Student Center, for students who are unable to use the accommodated testing in the Testing Center. During the Fall 2020 semester this will include students needing volunteer services such as scribes and readers. Please contact your UAC coordinator if you believe you qualify to take exams in this proctoring area. Qualified students must schedule their exams and/or volunteer services online.  All students needing an exam reader/scribe for in-person exams during the Fall 2020 semester should contact their UAC coordinator for more instruction.

If you need to take Testing Center Exams or In-Class Exams with accommodations, the Testing Center provides accommodative rooms. Please contact your UAC coordinator to receive proper authorization to use these rooms. Students who qualify to use the University Accessibility Lab or Testing Center rooms for accommodative exams must schedule their exams by going to and loging in with their netID.

Noise cancelling headphones are available for check-out at the Testing Center and UAC Lab if needed.


Additional Information for Professors


Computers/Study Cubicles: The lab has 9 computers available to students with disabilities. All of the computers are on height adjustable desks making it much easier for students with mobility impairments or other circumstances to access the computer.

Lockers: The lab has lockers available for students with qualifying accommodations. Please see your UAC coordinator if you feel you would benefit from a locker.

Technologies Offered: The lab offers several useful technologies, some of which may be available for checkout. Lab assistants can show students how to use the many technologies in the lab. For a list of assistive technologies available in the UAL, please visit the Assistive Technology Page.


Accessibility Lab Operation Information
The Accessibility Lab is located in room 1111 WSC.
Lab Hours are 9 am - 6 pm Monday through Friday.
Contact Information:
Phone: 801-422-2803