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Accessible Book Creations

What is Accessible Book Creations?

The UAC's Accessible Book Creations program offers alternative textbook formats. The most common program we use is Kurzweil.  By putting textbooks into alternative formats, students who have difficulty with concentration, reading, seeing, turning pages, and/or carrying books are able to access their books. Interested clients should first consult with their UAC coordinator to determine their eligibility for this accommodation. If approved, clients will be directed to schedule an appointment with the ABC Coordinator at the UAC to learn about the available formats and determine the most suitable option for their individual needs.



After an initial meeting with the ABC Coordinator, students can go to to request books, provide proof of purchase, cancel a request, and this is where the book will be available for download when it is completed.  Students must create a BYU Box account in order to use accessible books.  Directions for creating a Box account will be given in the initial meeting with the ABC Coordinator.  

Alternate Format Policy and Procedures


Students with disabilities who require alternate access to printed material may receive their textbooks in an alternate format. Eligibility for this accommodation is determined on an individualized basis, and students must demonstrate a substantial disability, which requires alternate materials.

In order to ensure that your textbooks are available at the beginning of each semester, all textbook requests must be submitted to Accessible Book Creations (ABC) no later than eight weeks prior to the start of the semester/term. Failure to do so will prevent you from receiving your alternative format textbooks on time, thereby placing you at a disadvantage to your peers. You are responsible for obtaining your textbook information as soon as you register for classes. If you require assistance in obtaining this information, you may contact the UAC Front Desk at 801-422-2767 or through e-mail at Requests will be processed in order of the date they were received.

Important: approximately 6-8 weeks notice is required for us to process your requests. Late requests will result in a delay in providing you with your materials. The ABCs will make reasonable best effort to provide materials as promptly as possible, and in the format requested by the students. However, consideration will be given to the most expedient manner to obtain materials.

If you decide to drop any of your class(es) and no longer need some of the books you requested, please go to and submit a cancellation request. If you decide to add classes please follow the same procedure used to make your original request, thereby enabling you to add the new books needed. Any additional books requested will be processed according to the date they were received, and will not be processed with your original requests. Therefore, your class schedule should be as finalized as soon as possible when submitting your book requests to avoid any delays.

Proof of purchase (preferably store receipts) for all books requested must be provided before the ABCs will start working on your books.  Proof of purchase is submitted through   If you purchase materials privately, please have the individual draft and sign a receipt containing the book title and purchase price. Failure to provide proof of purchase will prevent you from receiving your alternative format textbooks. This is pursuant to copyright law.

Reasonable accommodations depend upon the nature and degree of severity of the documented disability. While consideration will be given to the specific format requested by the student, if another suitable format is available, that format may be granted.

Books in E-book format can be opened via Chrome and read with the Kurzweil extention, and such books will not need processing from our office.  E-mail if you have any questions.  All requests submitted for books that are already available as an E-book will be cancelled and you will be notified by email. 


  • Qualify as having a disability as demonstrated through appropriate documentation and approved by your UAC coordinator.
  • Determine which books you will require by accessing your book list on  If booktracker is showing no book list submitted by the professor, contact the professor and ask for the title, author, edition number and ISBN number and then email that information to  They can manually enter book requests for books that are not showing up on booktracker.  
  • We only process books that are required for your classes.  Suggested but not required readings will be low priority and will be worked on after required books are processed for all students.  
  • The ABC Coordinator will make every reasonable effort to obtain your electronic books from public consortiums or publishers. If your books cannot be obtained electronically, the ABC will require the hard copy of your books to convert them manually. Please note that the ABC may cut the binding from the original books and rebind them in spiral binding, which will prevent the books from being resold to the BYU Bookstore.
  • The ABC Coordinator will email students with instructions for accessing the electronic texts once they have been converted.
  • ALL electronic books will be removed from the web server by the end of Finals Week of the semester/term.
  • Your electronic books are protected by copyright©. Therefore, you MAY NOT copy, reproduce, sell, or place on the internet any of the alternative format texts, nor allow anyone else to do so. You must comply with all applicable copyright laws.