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Attention Disorder Evaluation

The University Accessibility Center offers ADHD assessments for BYU day-continuing students who believe that they may have attention problems. This testing is done for a very nominal fee ($50). If you would like to pursue an ADHD evaluation by the Accessibility Center, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Intake Form here.
  2. Schedule an Intake Appointment with our front desk personnel at 801-422-2767. This appointment will take up to one hour and will review your history and symptoms.
  3. At the Intake Appointment, if an ADHD assessment is deemed appropriate by your coordinator, you will be given several ADHD questionnaires to complete, and you will be asked to schedule several computer-administered tests. The results of the assessment will determine your likelihood of having ADHD and whether a referral to a physician for medication is warranted.
  4. If you qualify as having ADHD, your coordinator will discuss what academic accommodations may be appropriate.