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Documentation of Disability Form

Documentation should include a formal diagnosis and be current. Documentation is current if it meets the following guidelines

  • ADHD - documented within the last five years.
  • Emotional (Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, etc.) - documented within the last two years.
  • Learning Disorder - documented within the last seven years. If obtained after age 16, then it will suffice for the client's entire tenure at BYU.
  • Hearing - documentation lasts indefinitely. Please provide an audiogram.
  • Physical Disability/Chronic Illness - documentation typically lasts two years, though, depending on the situation, it may last indefinitely. 

We also have options for low-cost evaluation of ADHD and learning disorders. Please ask your intake coordinator for more information.

Temporary Conditions: Temporary medical conditions such as broken limbs, surgery, flu, and pregnancy are not usually considered disabilities. It is appropriate for students with temporary medical conditions to work directly with their professors instead of going through UAC. However, these students may visit with an UAC advisor to brainstorm options for dealing with their situation. Documentation from the treating physician is still required to continue the Intake process.

Click here to download the Documentation of Disability Form.

Please fill out this form and email it to Call the front desk at 801-422-2767 to ensure the documentation has been received.