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How do I receive services from the UAC?

Please follow the intake process on the "Getting Started" page.

Does the UAC loan wheelchairs?

No, the UAC does not provide wheelchairs nor other medical equipment. However, listed below are few resources in Provo:
The WSC Info Desk: 801-422-4313, but wheelchairs are to stay within the building.
*Alpine Home Medical: 801-852-5044, 1481 N. State St. (Provo)
*IHC Medical Equipment: 801-357-8250, 289 W. 1230 N. (Provo)
B&H Pharmacy: 801-373-7288, 286 W. Center St. (Provo)
Central Utah Center for Independent Living: 801-373-5044, 4910 N. Freedom Blvd (Provo)
IHC Medical Equipment and Supply: 801-379-7360, 1055 N. 300 W. (Provo)
Home Medical Supply: 801-374-8101, 265 W. 1230 N. (Provo)
Whitmore Medical: 801-374-2556, 1211 S. Industrial Parkway (Provo)
*Within 6 Blocks of BYU

Are there accommodations for temporary disabilities (recent injuries, accidents, sudden illnesses, etc.)?

Temporary medical conditions such as broken limbs, surgery, flu, and pregnancy are not usually considered disabilities. It is appropriate for students with temporary medical conditions to work directly with their professors instead of going through the UAC. However, these students may visit with a UAC coordinator to brainstorm options for handling their situation. Volunteer services provided by the UAC (e.g., note taker, exam reader/scribe) may be considered. Documentation from the treating physician will be required to continue the Intake process.

I'm taking an Independent Study course, do I qualify for accommodations through the UAC?

No, Independent Study has their own accessibility office and requirements. Please visit their website to begin the process at or call their office with questions at 801-422-9432.

If I am receiving accommodations at another college or university, will I automatically receive accommodations at BYU?

Although educational institutions receiving federal funds are obligated to abide by the same disability laws, differences in procedures and documentation requirements may vary from one institution to the next. Given this, we cannot guarantee that accommodations in place prior to attending BYU will automatically be available. However, we are committed to giving full consideration when evaluating specific disability-related requests.

What documentation does the UAC need?

The type of documentation needed depends on the nature of disability. Documentation needs to be provided by a qualified professional authorized to diagnosis the disability. For mental health disorders, this typically includes physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists/counselors, or social workers. For physical health disorders, this typically includes documentation from a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, neurologist, or other qualified professionals. For visual disabilities, qualified professionals include physicians, ophthalmologists, and optometrists. For hearing disabilities, qualified professionals include physicians and audiologists.

Where do I send my documentation?

Documentation can be turned in to the UAC front desk located in 2170 of the Wilkinson Student Center. Also, documentation can be faxed to (801) 422-0174, or scanned copies can be attached to an email that is sent to

Are accommodations retroactive?

The question of retroactive accommodations frequently comes up with missed deadlines, forgotten deadlines, or late work. We do not have any accommodations that require an instructor to accommodate retroactively. If a student has been granted an accommodation related to flexibility of deadlines, it is crucial that the student provides the instructor with the letter of accommodation as soon as possible (i.e., at the beginning of the semester) and makes a specific request to use the accommodation before the deadline passes. Otherwise, normal classroom policies can be enforced.

What if I need to make changes to my accommodations?

Accommodations can be modified over time as disability-related symptoms changes or unanticipated academic demands arise in a new semester. Contact the front desk to schedule an appointment with your coordinator to begin the process.

Is my disability information shared with my professors or other BYU faculty or staff?

Information regarding your diagnosis, symptoms, and your disability-related history is not disclosed to your professors or other BYU faculty or staff. Letters of accommodation (which are delivered by each student to their professors) do include information regarding the specific accommodations that have been granted, a statement about your qualification to receive accommodations, and the professional qualifications of your coordinator.

How do I let my professors know about my accommodations?

Since each student shares in the responsibility to engage in the interactive process when requesting accommodations, each student must request new letters of accommodation through the UAC front desk or online (here). Letters will be sent electronically to the student's YMessage. When the student receives an email notification from YMessage, the student will click on the links within the message and will then grant instructors electronic access to the letters. If the student would also like to hand-deliver a hard copy to instructors, the student can download the letters as PDFs and print them out. Keep in mind that a request for letters of accommodation must be made each new semester or term.


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