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Procedures for Obtaining Accessible On-Campus Housing:

The process explained below is only available for accessible housing requests on campus. Requests must be submitted several weeks in advance.

No Intake form is required unless further services are required.

  1. Students must apply to live in on-campus housing as soon as possible, by visiting On-Campus Housing Application page.
  2. Once the applications have been processed, students will be assigned room selection dates (room selection dates are assigned according to when students submit their admissions applications, so the earlier students submit their applications, the earlier they will be able to select their rooms).
  3. Students will complete the room selection process online according to instructions provided by the On-Campus Housing Office.
  4. Students will not have the option to select accessible rooms during their selection dates because the On-Campus Housing Office prohibits general applicants from selecting the accessible rooms, but students must still select a room.
  5. Once the room selection has been made, students must notify the University Accessibility Center that they have selected a regular room, but that they need an accessible room.
  6. Students must complete the Housing Accommodation Request Form.
  7. Please send in current Documentation of Disability from the student's treating physician/therapist that formally states the student's disability, recommends specific housing accommodations, and provides a brief justification for those accommodations based on the disability.
  8. Please call the UAC at 801-422-2767 to schedule an appointment for a phone or in-person housing appointment with a coordinator to verify the housing need.
  9. A UAC coordinator will notify the On-campus Housing Office of students' accommodative needs as they relate to housing.
  10. The On-campus Housing Office will notify students once accommodative housing assignments have been made. The On-campus Housing Office will make every effort to reasonably accommodate the needs of students with disabilities provided that requests for housing are made in a timely manner.