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Services Offered

The UAC offers a variety of services for students with disabilities. All students interested in receiving any of these services (except Housing) must complete the intake process under “Forms” beforehand. Services offered include:

















All services and equipment described herein are subject to approval based on documentation of a qualifying disability. You will be assigned to work with a UAC coordinator who will review your specific needs and the documentation you present to determine accommodations for which you qualify. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and up-to-date documentation of a qualifying disability in order to maintain eligibility for the indicated accommodations. Your coordinator will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the documentation that is required.


Services and equipment are provided as accommodations for BYU institutional, educational access by the University Accessibility Center. Misuse or abuse of equipment or services may result in disqualification from such accommodations and may be subject to university action including referral to the Honor Code office. Discuss any questions you may have about appropriate use with your coordinator.