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Volunteer Opportunities

The University Accessibility Center is seeking dedicated volunteers looking for meaningful opportunities to serve students with disabilities. We have a wide range of service options from which to choose:

  • Test scribes
  • Test readers
  • Live readers
  • Typists
  • Campus travelers (assist students who may have difficulty moving around campus or carrying their study materials)

Service Request Terms and Conditions​

  1. UAC clients must submit their volunteer requests to the UAC Volunteer Coordinator (VC) two business days prior to when they need a volunteer. 
  2. Clients must notify the VC of any changes that need to be made to their requests as soon as possible.
  3. The VC will provide volunteer contact information to the clients, who must contact their volunteers to make necessary arrangements.
  4. Clients must inform the VC each time a volunteer fails to keep an appointment so that a new volunteer may be recruited.
  5. If clients fail to keep appointments with their volunteers three times, their privileges to use volunteers will be revoked until they meet with their appropriate UAC coordinator.
  6. Volunteers are not to be used to provide tutoring, rides, or other types of personal care assistance.
  7. Clients must be present with their volunteers in class in order for the volunteers to administer services, so clients should be on time to classes or other appointments with volunteers.
  8. Clients should be courteous to and respectful of their volunteers because the volunteers are giving of their own time.

If you are interested in any of the service opportunities listed above, please access the Google sign-up form by clicking on the following link: UAC Volunteer Email List. For more information, email us at or visit us at 2170 WSC.