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REACH Program

REACH: Reaching Educational and Career Hopes for Students with Disabilities

What is the REACH Program? 

The REACH Program is housed inside of University Career Services, working in tandem with the department to assist students with disabilities in making the transition from university life to the world of employment. This transition is an exciting process of career exploration and development, which should begin early in the educational process. REACH facilitates this exploration and development by offering the following services:

  • Take assessments to identify potential careers based on personality preferences and interests.
  • Partner with Career Directors over respective colleges to learn about industry-specific internship/employment opportunities.
  • Prepare for Career and STEM Fairs.Create a Handshake ( [BYU’s platform connecting students to employers] profile to receive opportunities tailored to your specific interests and skills.
  • Prepare application materials (e.g., cover letters, resumes, references, thank-you notes).
  • Get ready for job interviews.
  • Determine if and when disability disclosure is appropriate in the workplace.
  • Learn strategies to request accommodations.

Students who are interested in furthering their career exploration are invited to contact the REACH Program Manager: 

C. Tyler Briggs, MRC, CRC

Phone: (801) 422-3000



Alumni Consultation Policy: Recent alumni with disabilities are welcome to have a limited number of appointments with the REACH Manager up to one year after their respective graduation dates. Alumni with disabilities who have graduated more than one year before the current date may meet with the REACH Manager one time to discuss referral options to community resources.


Upcoming Events and Opportunities:



Click on the links below to find resources regarding each respective topic. These resources have been compiled to tailor specifically to the needs of students with disabilities.

BYU Career Services  Resume & Cover Letters  InterviewingNetworking  Disclosure & Accomodations  REACH Toolbox  REACH Path


Job Boards:

Finding a job as a student with disabilities can be a daunting task. We've compiled an assortment of job boards below to help you in your quest to find the perfect fit.

Ability Links  Disabled Person  American Association of People with Disabilities

Think Beyond the Label  Ability Jobs  Hire Disability Solutions

Sierra Group: Recruit  Our Ability  Getting Hired: Empowering Individuals & Veterans with Disabilities